My name effendi, born in April 1987. I am originally from the village of Batur Banjarnegara rather Banjarnegara district, the city which is located next to Wonosobo, usually people are more familiar with Wonosobo because the Dieng Plateau.

In 2006 I entered the University of Ahmad Dahlan Yogyakarta, majoring in Information Technology (IT), because I like it in the field of computers and the Internet, a lot of interesting things I encountered in IT. Year early years of the study period, I was lulled by the beauty of computer science and internet until now I still studying and learning about computers and the Internet. For me to study computer science and the internet are endless because there must be something new (up to date).

period beginning college I studied languages c and turbo pascal, I used to have the aspiration to become a programmer c because almost every day meet with the name c programming, but entering the third semester of my study and Joomla CMS, after I think about it with mature eventually I moved the bow from c to CMS and Joomla, continued I started to learn PHP MYSQL HTML CSS XML, on the 3rd semester I got the Task Project (TP), I make a website for the registration of students who will take lab work and final registration (TA ), I use the software Content Management System or better known as the CMS to create my first web.

For me personally in building a web of the most important is the design or look and security of the database, I usually download the design template itself by using the pictures to make it look interesting, I use photoshop and corel software to download the design template. Web identical with an interesting view for the visitors feel comfortable while reading the article or articles we poshting. Since making my first website which got an A, I began seriously studying programming websites, I often enter the library to read books on the website, I also often browse on the Internet to increase knowledge about web programming. Until I finally found a forum discussion about the web and join me there, since the current Joomla and CMS have started prorammer abandoned the web, now I switched to CodeIgniter (CI).



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